About Tang●Huset®

Back in 1988, Jens Møller wanted to show his children a biology experiment in which a liquid would react with the enzymes found in the seaweed. Unfortunately, Jens Møller did not succeed in impressing his children as the experiment failed. The experiment was packed away in the basement. A couple of days later, Jens Møller was out electro fishing with local anglers. When they caught fish carrying eggs, it dawned on Jens Møller that the result of the failed experiment resembled fish roe – small round pearls. His next thought was whether it was edible. And yes – it was edible and also healthy.  Many experiments and taste tests then began in which more than 100 types of seaweed were tested. After a number of years with these experiments, in 1995 Jens Møller was able to open the doors to his company:

Jens Møller Products – and the brand Cavi•art® was created

Cavi●art® is exported to the majority of EU countries and, moreover, to some countries overseas.

The company’s objective is to develop new seaweed based products and to be constantly innovative and to develop.