Foodservice & B2B

Product advantages

  • Cavi•art® does not leek color
  • Cavi•art® does not become rancid
  • Cavi•art® has a long shelf-life just like pickled cucumbers – even after opening.
  • Cavi•art® does not need to be refrigerated
  • Cavi•art® does not contain cholesterol and has a lower salt content
  • Cavi•art® only contains natural colourants
  • We can develop colour, flavour and consistency to accommodate your need. Do not hesitate to make a request.


  • Tube caviar
  • Mayo-based salads
  • Topping
  • Premixed salads

Packaging options:

  • 500 g plastic
  • 3 kg plastic
  • 5 kg plastic
  • 116 kg plastic