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Cavi·art® is caviar-analogue produced from seaweed. Cavi·art®  is used as caviar in warm and cold dishes. The natural colourants in the product do not seep out. Therefore, Cavi·art® is most suitable as garnish. Most of the varieties of Cavi·art® are vegetable products without cholesterol. Cavi·art® has a fresh flavour and a crisp consistency. The products are long-life, even after opening (like pickles, etc.).

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However, please note that the red caviar contains carmine and is therefore not vegetarian.Cavi-Art

Tang Perler

Seaweed●pearls is a new product range from Tang●Huset®.

The following products made from seaweed●pearls are currently developed:

Lemon●pearls, Balsamic●pearls and Soy●pearls

Seaweed●pearls have a shell of seaweed with an inner liquid core with juice or flavours.

Lemon●pearls have a liquid core of Italian lemon juice. The pearls give a fresh zing to various fish dishes, salads, desserts and drinks.

Balsamic●pearls have a core of balsamic vinegar from Modena in Italy. The pearls have a fantastic concentrated and intense flavour of sweet balsamic and is perfect for various fish dishes and salads. The pearls taste amazing together with strawberries – either in a salad or a dessert.

Soy●pearls with soy from Japan give a delicious salty flavour to starters and main dishes – and add an exciting flavour to various salads. Especially suitable for sushi.



Wakame – a most delicious seaweed salad – which is known and loved at the many sushi restaurants.

Today, frozen wakame is sold – this limits the product’s user-friendliness. The wakame has to be defrosted and this often means wasting some as large portions do not need to be used.

Tang●Huset® has developed a pasteurisation method, which gives wakame a shelf-life of 12 months when storing in a refrigerator. The wakame is packaged in 100 gram jars. Easy to use and a suitable size so food waste is reduced.

The wakame from Tang●Huset® is available in two varieties. A “neutral” version and a Cavi-art® with chilli added, which gives the wakame an exciting bite.


Tang Pesto

Seaweed has undreamed-of possibilities in terms of use and there will undoubtedly be many new exciting products with seaweed as an ingredient on the market in coming years. The trend is clearly seen around in the EU where seaweed is taking up more and more space on the shelves in the supermarkets.

Currently, Tang●Huset® is developing a red and a green seaweed pesto with a delicious taste of umami. We are also working on developing seaweed crisps as a healthy and delicious alternative to potato crisps.